FTchain Wallet

Math Wallet 다운로드 FT 최고의 블록체인 대부분 지원합니다. 귀하만이 귀하의 자금을 통제할 수 있습니다. 암호화폐를 모바일 인터페이스에서 수신, 전송, 보관, 교환하십시오.

About Math Wallet

Math Wallet은 가장 안전하고 강력한 다중체인 (모바일, 데스크탑, 하드웨어) 지갑으로서 BTC, ETH/ERC20, NEO, EOS/ENU/Telos, TRON, ONT, BinanceChain, Cosmos/IRISnet, Zilliqa 생태계를 완벽하게 지원합니다. 또한 탈중앙화 기반으로 체인-체인 간의 거래를 지원하며, 다중체인 DApp 생태계를 완벽하게 구축하였습니다.

What is FT?

FT public is a new generation Public-Chain issued by the FCoin team & Consensus Lab. FT is based on the innovative CB-DPos consensus mechanism, supporting one-click distribution of native assets and supporting complex assets of protocol assets and sub-assets.

In terms of equity distribution, FT's innovative income distribution mechanism allows both Token issuers and contract issuers to receive incentives that are more conducive to rapid growth.

FT will be based on digital asset issuance, with a core of dividends and voting as the core to form a new blockchain-based distribution and governance ecosystem. The project team hopes to build the future financial and economic infrastructure.